Jul 29, 2009

Rock n' Fail

Ever wondered how or why big name bands sound so good on stage? Truth is, they don't.

Now you know what the sound engineer does in the back of every show you've ever been to ever.

So basically some guy took out the real audio and replaced it with 2 year old musicians who play on cue to the video.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. So what exactly are we watching here? Did the audience here something besides what the video is showing (like a recorded track)? It sounded like some Rock Band fans got together and started a band...

  2. I love these. Especially the drummer at about :32. Oh, man. So funny. If you watch the original video, they totally tear it up. But this little shredding session cued up to the performance is, actually, much more entertaining.

  3. Agreed, the drummer is the best part, and the black guy saying whatever it is he's saying.

    Yeah, whoever made the video just replaced the audio with their own and made the band sound terrible! Pretty dang funny.


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