Jul 7, 2009

The Appropriate Response

I think Barfing should be an accepted form of responding to questions. It fully encompasses every feeling and thought that you so desire to communicate.

For example:
Hey biker dude! How's that strawberry shake?

...oh. Thanks.

Still not convinced? How about asking this guy how fun the roller coaster ride at Six Flags is?

I'm getting mixed signals with this one. Could it be it was so intensely awesome!? Or you didn't like the girl you were sitting next to? Either way, I understand, thanks.

Anyway you look at it, you can't disagree that you get exactly what they mean when they express such emotion. Our communication skill are going to improve greatly.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. Sheesh, that makes me want to puke my pants.

  2. This is awesomely funny! I live that last picture

  3. Puking your pants is another great example of expression. It says to me, "I don't like pants!" Good job, you're catching on.

  4. That is such a sick picture! I really hope he knew that girl!


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