Jul 31, 2009

Sometimes You May Need A Wake Up Call

Ever wonder what's going on inside someones head that pops their collar? Probably something like, "Why do trash cans say thanks on them?"

Don't worry though, your true identity will be safe after you get your self a fake Douchebag name. I won't tell you what mine is, for safety reasons, but you can find out yours by clicking the link below.

Douchebag Name Generator

Here's a video you need to see if your results were a little too close to reality.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. Even though I really dislike the word, this video was great.

    My douchebag name is...Steven?

    WTF!!!? Seriously? Sheesh. No wonder CFlo kept his secret.

  2. Yeah, it's a strong word. But funny.


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