Jul 2, 2009

Dr. McNinja

It's about time I shared this gold mine of genius awesomeness with you. Forgive me.

Dr. McNinja is a doctor who is also a ninja. Now just think about that for a minute. I can't think of a more perfect circle, can you? You can either start at the beginning of his adventures, start in the middle, don't forget 3/4ths the way through, or jump right into his current adventure.

The comic is made by Chris Hastings, who writes and draws the comic. He's got a couple of buddies who help ink and color the comic, which you'll see later on in the series.

Here's a few of my favorite parts from the series:

How can you resist? It's pure awesomeness in it's purest of pure forms! I recommend starting from the beginning a reading it all. You will be an awesomer person for it.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. So good. So immensely good.

    I can't even use words to describe it. Sound effects work better. Yeah, that's how I describe Dr. McNinja. He's so awesome, the only way to describe him is with the coolest sound effects that you can find, raised to the power of our current national debt. That's how rad Dr. McNinja is.

  2. Yeah! Like "Sicknasty!"


Keep it awesome.