Apr 16, 2009

Speak n' Roll Dudes!

I know I'm good a Guitar Hero, but if I had this to rock out with, you'd have to buy a new car. Yes, a new car, don't ask how or why or in what way, just know that it would be a new car.

The Speak n' Spellbinder, made by this dude, who also made a bunch of other stuff with a technique called Circuit Bending.

For those who don't know what circuit bending is... Circuit Bending is taking pre-existing electronics, dismantling them, then rewiring them to create new sounds/things.

This is pretty much the coolest instrument I've ever seen. I can't decide if my favorite part is the Voltron head glued on the fret board, or the scenic desert pictured on the display of the speak n' spell.

The Speak n' Spellbinder features a full keypad on neck, glitch selection, tones, distortion, pitch, whammy, hold, and just watch the video for the full presentation.

Is this not AWESOME?

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