May 8, 2009

Death Metal Pets

There's something about animals.

Many of you know that I'm obsessed with animals. Not because they make good companions, or are helpful, or whatever else. It's because of the way they look. I mean just look at them! Why in the world do they look like that? What is going on in their mind? Like these two punks here...

They are camels and they are in a car. Probably the only two camels in the world to ever set toe in a car. But for some reason they are pissed right off? "How dare that human get near us in a car!"

Check this out, when you add Death Metal to the mix, it's a whole new experience.

"Lift your gauntlet of ROCK!" as Jack Black would say, and bang your head to this monstrosity.

Speaking of Jack Black, I'm definitely buying this game.

Is this not AWESOME?

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