May 15, 2009

Bears and You, What You Should Know

There are some things that naturally don't mix. Oil and water, cats and water, me and vegetables, etc. But sometimes mother nature throws a curve ball.

Bears, I'm talking about bears.

How come I was never notified that bears could be household pets!? Who wouldn't want a pet BEAR as a kid?! There is injustice in the world and it must be stopped. Every kid should know that yes, yes you can have a pet bear.

Here's the best part, you can train your bear to go and get groceries for you.

You don't even need to worry about correct change, because who's going to argue with a bear?

So I've just been informed that it's only in Russia you can have a pet bear. NO, No you can't has pet bear Chris. ...Suck

Is this not AWESOME?

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  1. Chris! I read your blog all the time. Sorry I don't leave comments. It is awesome


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