Jun 1, 2009

Pimp My Ride: Pirates

What pirate wouldn't want to pick up their wenches in this bad boy?

Yes, it's a limo, and to answer your other question, yes, it does. All you pirates out there are lucky! It's on sale, and you can buy it here. Guys, please be aware that this will greatly improve your chances with every lady. Especially when worn with this. Ladies, if you see this driving down the road, don't resist. It's natural.

Product Description as found on the web site: It has 6 mega speakers and large amplifiers that will blow your socks off. The pirate ship was built on the chassis 10 years ago by a local pirate.

Now if that's not a "BUY ME NOW" product description, I don't know what is! Plus the limo has a very attractive, but protective, bumper.

Is this not AWESOME?

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