Nov 12, 2009

Keep Being Awesome

Facts that aren't true whatsoever are awesome. For example, yesterday, I was getting my hair cut and I said to the girl cutting my hair as I took of my glasses that I was trusting her because I can't see anything without them on. She then informed me that I should eat carrots.

"That's true" I said, "They have beta..."

Suddenly she interrupts me and said, "If you cut a carrot in half and look at the cut end it looks like an iris, that's why we know they are good for your eyes!"

"Who's we?" I ask.

"My sister in law, she read all about it, she only buys organic foods." She explains.

"Let me guess, is she a vegetarian too?" I ask.

"YEAH! how did you know!?" She surprisingly questioned.

"Just a lucky guess." I exaggerate

"Walnuts are good for your lungs because they are the shape of lungs!" She states.

"They also look like brains, are they good for your brains?" I exaggerate again.

"They probably are! I'll ask her!" She wonders.

She then proceeds to give me a head massage. It was the weirdest hair cut I've ever had.

So, in review, what lessons have we learned? Carrots are good for your eyes cause the look like an iris when chopped in half, walnuts are good for you lungs and probably your brains (we are still waiting for the verdict from sister in law), and I bet you 10 bucks kidney beans are good for your kidnies.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. Tobias said it best, "BOOYA!"

  2. Sounds like one lady just found herself a repeat customer!

  3. Wow. I can't believe your hairstylist is basing her eating habits on a chain email.... well at least that's where I have heard all that "food that looks like [insert organ] is good for it too".

    I wonder if pork ribs are good for your ribs... because they look like our ribs.

  4. This is actually the whole theory behind canabalism. Eat the other's organ for your own organ's benefit! Are Vegans slowly trying to revive canabalism? Be on guard...


Keep it awesome.