Oct 7, 2009

High Five

Some people same this isn't the best way to greet or part ways with the opposite sex. I disagree.

The high five is a celebratory gesture, usually executed by two people at a time. The gesture is currently most commonly employed to communicate mutual satisfaction between spectators and between participants alike, during a sporting event, or to extend congratulations from one person to another in any informal setting.

To properly execute a high five, each person raises a hand to make contact, or slap, the opposing raised hand of the other. If the initiator offers the right hand, the partner offers the right hand, as one would with a traditional handshake. The hand and arm are usually extended in an upward fashion to form the "high" part, and the palms of each hand make physical contact in final execution of the gesture. The usual and ordinary five fingers of the human hand equal "five" in number, hence the name "high five". - Wikipedia

Is this not AWESOME?

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