Sep 17, 2009

Practise Makes Perfect

Because we all know there is a zombie apocalypse coming, duh. They are preparing just as much as we are/should be. So I present you with this.

Zombie targets for the range!

Law Enforcement Targets, inc. presents the coolest thing since guns were invented.

"They are shambling your way in full color. Targets are a ghoulish 23"x35" in size. Each target includes scoring zones and supplemental brain targets!" - LET

Let's all take a moment and get out our credit cards, our children depend on this.

Is this not AWESOME?


  1. Chris! Just sending along a note to say. I read every update you post even though I don't leave comments.

  2. So do I, I think your blog truly is awesome

  3. You guys are awesome! thanks for reading, it actually does make me want to keep posting when I get feed back, so anything help! thanks!


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